None of us alone is more intelligent than all of us together

Ta Ma Ra is the acronym for the scientific friendship that has united François Taddei, Ivan Matic and Miroslav Radman since 1991. Ta Ma Ra’s lab , U1001 (ex U571) from INSERM (French Medical Research Council), is located in the center of Paris.

In the spirit of this japanese proverb, collaborators from all disciplines (math, physics, chemistry, computer science, ecology, evolution, genetics, microbiology, medicine…) have always been welcome to join the lab to tackle ambitious questions which have so far included :

  • Causes and consequences of variability during DNA, RNA and protein synthesis
  • Ecology and Evolution of bacteria and their viruses and hosts
  • Medical implications (infectious diseases, cancer, aging)
Ta Ma Ra’s lab members are involved in a variety of teaching and promotion of science activities including the creation of the MedILS (Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences) and the CRI which includes a course on how to write an interdisciplinary project and numerous courses in a variety of Universities (Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris, Lyon…) grandes écoles (Ecole Normale Supérieure, ESPCI, Institut National d’Agronomie) graduate schools (genetics, microbiology, ecology…) or in summer schools (e.g. physics and biology in les Houches).